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Empowering Your Life

Your relationship with Allah SWT and yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.

What we do ?

What we will help you do ?

At Muslim Matrimonial Coach we will help you reach and exceed your personal and professional goals.

We will help you to build confidence, self-esteem and help you make the necessary changes, so you can live a more enjoyable life. 

We will encourage you to take control of a range of professional and personal issues, and help you to analyse your current situation, set SMART goals for yourself.

We will identify with you, any challenges or obstacles you may face and then develop your own action plan to help you achieve the specific goals you have set.

Our personal approach sets us apart from the rest. We take time getting to know you on a personal level so that we can offer you a service tailored to your needs, this enables us to select the right introductions saving you time.

How we work ?

Our personal approach sets us apart from the rest. We take time getting to know you on a personal level so that we can offer you a service tailored to your needs, this enables us to select the right introductions saving you time.


Our Speciality

At MMC we offer our coaching services to both men and women who are searching for their ultimate soul mate. We emphasise and focus on the importance of alignment and compatibility when choosing a partner this is because we recognise how when wrong decisions are made about marriage the struggles and heartache can more than often result in family units being broken. MMC recognises the immense emotions and difficulties encountered from the community and the wider Muslim society when a marriage results in a divorce and this is why we aim to put measures in place so this can be completely avoided .

How we differ from the rest.

All of our members are special and unique, for this reason as a member you will never feel like you are part of an insensitive assembly line. Getting to understand you on a personal level will help us to arrange exclusive introductions for you with other eligible professionals, who we think will suit you best. This is not achieved by an algorithm, it is hand-picked and personal on every occasion.

Experience, psychology and relationship coaching principles have enabled us to provide our members with a personalised approach to matchmaking. This is the fundamental core in pairing like-minded individuals with one another. This is why we do not have an app or an online database full of photographs of our members. We are certain this is not your preferred style and therefore, naturally, it is not ours.

Peace of mind
What concerns us most is that our introductions make you feel safe, secure and excited. We take confidentiality and discretion extremely seriously and characteristics are our members request and that is what we provide. Helping you develop a lasting relationship by participating in our relationship coaching sessions gives us a huge sense of pride and we are confident you will feel similarly fulfilled in your selected relationship.


Religion and Culture

At The Muslim Matrimonial Coach we have a mastery in:

  • Understanding marriage right under Islamic jurisprudence
  • Types of marriage allowed in Islam
  • Restrictions on marriage which include
    1. Polygyny
    2. Permissible age
    3. Arranged and forced marriages
    4. Other religions
    5. Adulterers
    6. Mahr
    7. Islamic marriage contract
  • Walima
  • Behaviour within marriage
    1. Spousal rights and obligations
    2. Separate accommodation for wife
    3. Gender roles
    4. Etiquettes and respect


A little insight to our members.

Our members are affluent successful professionals busy in their careers so they are time short. We have, medical professionals, legal representatives, engineers, entrepreneurs, financiers as our members and we are receiving new membership applications daily. Our members are successful in their chosen professions leaving them little time to seek a long term relationship which they are eager to pursue. They are not interested in going through profiles of potentials online as this is so impersonal and cold. Our specialised relationship coaching professional approach is exactly what meets their needs.


Our Promise

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We understand the sensitivity of any exposure of our clients personal life and for this reason we never give testimonies without written permission.

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A formal contract signed by both the client and The Muslim Matrimonial Coach includes the determination of boundaries.

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ICF Compliant

It is of optimum importance that our clients feel comfortable, safe and secure in an environment in which they discuss their personal concerns in compliance with ethical standards set out by International Coaching Federation (ICF).


The Association of British Introduction Agencies
Information Commissioner's Office


Get ready to meet the new you.

Each session or course program is tailored to your specific needs. What we do is we allow you to express your inner most deepest feeling through effective talk therapy. This process provides you with the opportunity to talk about all the issues that may be troubling you, with the aim of working through them to find sustainable solutions. It is not always possible to offload all you problems with friends and family who do not have the experience or expertise to identify the root causes of your specific thinking and behaviour patterns.

One approach we use is like peeling back the layers of an onion, finding the heart of the onion that causes us pain, and to reach the pain we use mastered coaching techniques and principles such as NLP Timeline and if requested hypnotherapy to peel each layer back slowly , allowing us to control that pain in smaller pieces that it can be managed safely.

Once you achieve your breakthrough you will discover a new you. You will show up in a positive mindset full of confidence ready to face the world and live the life you deserve live to the full.

Get Ready MMC
Positive Thinking MMC
Muslim matrimonial coach Owner
Gazala Saleem

Relationship Coach and Qualified Educator

My Story

Hello and welcome to The Muslim Matrimonial Coach. I’m Gazala Saleem, a life coach and qualified educator teaching in FE colleges over the last 25 years in the UK. Further training and CPD with an industry leader in North America has led me to utilise and expand my expertise, knowledge together with my personal relationship experiences to specialise as a matrimonial coach.

I have been divorced twice and married three times. I come from a community where divorce and marriage after divorce still carry a stigma so I had to overcome the challenges I was presented with.

It is a well known fact that a breakup or divorce is the second most traumatic life experience we go through after the death of a loved one. My first divorce was at the same time when I lost my brother in a horrific accident while he was visiting family in Canada, so I experienced the two most traumatic life experiences at the same time. To add to my anxieties I was constantly in and out of hospital with my then one year old son who was born premature. He is now a father of my two gorgeous grandsons.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of couples in difficult situations to overcome their personal relationships issues. I can help people find the root cause of their challenges and give them tools and strategies with clear steps empowering them to move forward.

My Motivation

Our life experiences make us who we are, and we can choose to be stronger from our experiences or weaker. I chose to be stronger. I recognised that wrong decision made in selecting our partner for ourselves or by our parents we know was fate but at the same time was in our control. The process of conducting a simple compatibility and alignment with our potential partner through various methods are designed to help us make the one most crucial decision in our lives. Yet we continue to make these decisions blindly.


Our Services

shape Matchmaking Alignment and compatibility

Choosing a partner to marry is the most serious decision.We have the expertise to recommend the ideal partner for you.

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shape Relationship Services / Divorce Coaching

Our expert coach can make the process less stressful and less expensive.

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Standard Packages

3 months package
  • Price : £499 Pay Now
  • Three Guaranteed Introductions
  • No Coaching Session
  • No Assisted Visit

6 months package
  • Price : £997 Pay Now
  • Six Guaranteed Introductions
  • One Coaching Session
  • One Assisted Visit

12 months package
  • Price : £1997 Pay Now
  • Twelve Guaranteed Introductions
  • Two Coaching Sessions
  • Two Assisted Visits

Unlimited VIP
  • Price : £2997 Pay Now
  • Guaranteed Unlimited Introductions
  • Ad Hoc Coaching Sessions
  • Ad Hoc Assisted Visits

Payments Policy : Payments are required in full via bank transfer prior to coaching session

Cancellation Policy : We appreciate clients giving a minimum of 24 hours notice , so we can fill the slot with another client. If its less than 24 hour-notice unfortunately I still must charge for the session.

* Prices mentioned above are for Blended Coaching and Therapy Packages

* Service pages for singles service only prices

Marriage and sustaining a happy relationship with your life partner is of the greatest importance to us all. This is where we feel complete as this is what our lord first created for our happiness, companionship.
Investing in finding true love and sustaining true love is crucial for our overall well-being.
Our fees and charges reflect on the professional service we provide. We are not an algorithm service which is impersonal and cold. We use our master relationship coaching expertise to hand-pick compatible and aligned potentials to introduce to our clients.